Cinnamon Whipped Honey

Cinnamon Whipped Honey

Cinnamon Whipped Honey was one of the very first things I learned how to do with honey when we first started our beekeeping journey. Its very minimal effort and it makes spreading on toast incredibly easy. 

Before you start, it is important to use a honey that has began to crystalize. Or you can also use a whipped honey starter which is honey that has already been whipped previously.

 You can also make this as "original" by only whipping and not adding cinnamon.

What you will need:

- Standing Mixer



- 1 cup of crystalized honey 

- 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon



- Add your honey to the mixer and begin to mix at a medium speed.

- This can take some time so check periodically. You want your honey to begin to look creamy and smooth.

- Once the honey has become whipped, slowly add in the cinnamon until fully mixed

- I like to keep my whipped honey in small Ball Mason jars. Store in the refrigerator and enjoy.

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