About Us

Meet the Keepers:

 Danny McCall Jr. owns and operates Coastal Pump Service. When he is not working or tending to bees, he can be found on a tractor or a stand at one of his hunting clubs. He has a passion for wildlife conservation and management.

Catherine Nicole McCall is a stay at home mom to two bee-utiful daughters. She homeschools, manages the office for Danny, and owns and operates McCall’s Bee Company. When she’s not working or teaching she is incubating, hatching, and caring for her array of birds. She shares a passion of hunting and fishing with Danny.

Together they make a pretty great team caring for and managing their honey bees. They also get great help from friends and family from land to home honey bees to help extracting honey.
Nicole and Danny McCall have always had a passion for all things honey and firm beliefs on keeping things natural.
They started working with bees in 2019 with a local beekeeper. After a few months of apprenticing, they decided to dive head first into the world of beekeeping. With their growing bee colonies and bee suits on, they hiked up their pants and decided to start McCall's Bee Company to share their passion and hard work.
Danny and Nicole share their love and passion with their daughter, Dixie. Dixie is now a young beekeeper who loves to watch the bees work.