Honey Glazed Venison Sausage

Honey Glazed Venison Sausage

Hunting season is here in Georgia and its our favorite time for fresh venison. Ours is processed from our local processor, Outback Shack; located in Brunswick, Ga. We have used them for many years and our go to is his famous Brown Sugar Sausage. It is an unbeatable flavor that can be enjoyed breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


What you will need:

- Cast Iron Skillet



- 1 lb Brown Sugar Venison Sausage (or preferred)

- Salted Butter

- Sesame Seed Oil (or preferred)

- Fresh local Honey

- Water



- Place the sausage in cast iron with water about halfway and 1/4 stick of butter.

- Allow the water to boil at a medium high temp, occasionally flipping the sausage.

- Once the water has completely cooked down, cut the sausage, add in another 1/4 stick of butter, and drizzle with a good helping of honey. 

- Continue to cook until a glaze forms over the sausage. 

- Serve and enjoy! We always add in more honey at the end or will dip into honey. 

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